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Zhuhai Rixing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Report on the completion of the rectification of the decision to order the restriction of production (Zhu Gaohuan Limited Production Zi [2019] No. 6).


Haishi Rixing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Report on the completion of the rectification of the decision to order production restriction (Zhu Gao Huan Limit Production Zi [2019] No. 6).
  On January 25, 2019, our company received the decision to limit production (Zhu Gaohuan Limit Production Zi [2019] No. 9), and formulated a rectification plan on February 15, 2019. The completion of the rectification is as follows:
1. Establish a rectification team
In order to successfully complete the rectification, a rectification team was set up to be responsible for the implementation of this program. The rectification team is headed by Peng Kefu and is responsible for the overall rectification work. Zhang Hongfei served as the deputy team leader and was responsible for the specific implementation work. The technical group under the rectification group is responsible for the implementation of Du Hao, who is responsible for the overall technical implementation. Luo Xiaoming, the internal laboratory, provides technical support for this program. Cao Science is responsible for the security work, and Zhang Hongfei is the external contact person of this program, responsible for information release, information disclosure, work docking, etc.
2. Limit the implementation of production
During the implementation of the rectification plan, our company reduced production by 10% to ensure that it would not exceed the standard during the rectification period. Our company has collected data before the rectification and data during the rectification period, as shown in the table below for water consumption, electricity consumption and production volume, to prove the implementation of production restrictions during the rectification period. Attached are documents certifying the production of the product and a list of consumption provided by the water and electricity supply companies.
Table 1:
Comparison before and after the production rectification Time period Production volume (unit/month)
Before rectification December 2018 - January 2019

492  391

After rectification February-March 2019

185  188

contrast decline


contrast Percentage drop


  Table II:


Comparison of water consumption before and after rectification Time period Consumption (t)
Before rectification December 2018 - January 2019


After rectification February-March 2019


contrast decline


contrast Percentage drop


  Table III:


Comparison of electricity consumption before and after rectification

Time period


Before rectification December 2018 - January 2019


After rectification February-March 2019


contrast decline


contrast Percentage drop


3. Specific rectification measures
From February 15, 2019 to April 30, 2019, Zhang Hongfei was responsible for following up and completing the optimization of the operation process, with an investment of 1,000 yuan.
4, the entrusted monitoring situation
On April 20, 2019, Jiangmen Dongli Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. was entrusted to conduct testing on our company's factory on May 6, 2019. The monitoring results were released on May 14, and the monitoring results showed that the indicators were normal and met the relevant standards.
5. Public announcement
In accordance with the requirements of the "Measures for the Implementation of Restrictions on Production and Suspension of Production by the Competent Department of Environmental Protection", our company will publicize the rectification plan and the completion of the rectification to the public on the company's website, and the website of the publicity is: www.cqjchg.com (rectification plan) and www.cqjchg.com (completion of rectification).
Attachments: 1. Proof of water invoice of water supply company
2. Proof of electricity invoice of the power supply company
3. Treatment plan and comparison chart before and after rectification
4. Test report (report number: DL-19-0509-03)
Zhuhai Rixing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
May 15, 2019

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