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Zhuhai Rixing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. on the rectification plan of the decision to order the restriction of production (Zhu Gaohuan Limit Production Zi [2019] No. 6).


Zhuhai Rixing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
The rectification plan for the decision to order production restriction (Zhu Gaohuan Limit Production Zi [2019] No. 6).
On January 25, 2019, our company received a decision to order to limit production (Zhu Gaohuan Limit Production Zi [2019] No. 6), and attached great importance to the situation of being monitored and exceeded the standard, and immediately organized a special working group to find out the reasons for the exceedance, study the rectification plan, and require to strengthen management and supervision, implement the follow-up of the responsible person, and actively cooperate with the management of the competent department of environmental protection. The rectification plan is as follows:
1, the purpose of rectification
This plan is formulated to solve the problem of "peculiar smell in the factory area". After research, the reason for the peculiar smell is: the peculiar smell of the raw materials of the additives, and for the reasons for exceeding the standard, the objectives of this program are set two, including: the emission of the standard during the rectification period (less than the limit). After the rectification is completed, the emission will be up to the standard for a long time (less than the limit). The implementation and completion of the programme are validated through the achievement of these two objectives.
2. Rectification team
The rectification was successfully completed, and a rectification team was set up to be responsible for the implementation of this plan. The rectification team is headed by Peng Kefu and is responsible for the overall rectification work. Zhang Hongfei served as the deputy team leader and was responsible for the specific implementation work. The technical group under the rectification group is responsible for the implementation of Du Hao, who is responsible for the overall technical implementation. Luo Xiaoming, the internal laboratory, provides technical support for this program. Zhang Hongfei is the external contact person of this program, responsible for information release, information disclosure, work docking, etc., contact number: 13883856251
3. Measures to limit production
In order to successfully complete the objectives of this program, our company uses scientific means and combines the actual situation of the company to formulate production restriction measures. The company will limit 10% of the production capacity from the date of issuance of this rectification plan until the implementation of this plan is completed. The specific measures are: the output is limited to 20t/d before production, and the output is 18t/d during the production restriction period.
4. Corrective measures
Under the premise of the two objectives set in this plan and combined with the actual situation of the company, the rectification measures are formulated, and the rectification measures are divided into two aspects.
(1) Optimize the operating procedures, in view of the situation that the odor index of raw materials exceeds the standard, the company's treatment method before restricting production is unsealed operation, and it is planned to rectify the sealing aspect, and adopt the closed packaging treatment method after use, so as to further improve and ensure that there is no peculiar smell.
(2) Educate and train employees to ensure that raw materials are not volatile.
5. Rectification and improvement table
serial number Time Work in progress expenses



Completed the improvement of the packaging barrel of the auxiliary material and added valves




Training, supervision and improvement of the situation




Entrust a qualified unit to conduct monitoring













6, the monitoring plan
After the company's rectification is completed, it is planned to entrust a qualified company to test the environment of our company's factory before April 30, 2019.
Zhuhai Rixing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Corrective action plan

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