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At the beginning of the 2024, Chongqing Jiangchuan Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of steady development and meets new challenges with high quality, low price and excellent after-sales service.


Dear partners, customers and friends who are concerned about Chongqing Jiangchuan Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd:

On the occasion of the New Year, we sincerely thank you for your strong support and trust in us over the past year. With the arrival of the new year, we are full of confidence and vision, and jointly draw a blueprint for Jiangchuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd. to reach a higher peak.

Jiangchuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd., as an enterprise adhering to improving quality, laying a solid foundation and developing steadily, has been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. We know that high quality is the foundation for the survival and development of enterprises, so we continue to increase investment in technology research and development, improve product quality, and ensure that each product meets international standards and customer needs. We always adhere to a strict quality management system and pay attention to quality monitoring and control to ensure the excellent quality and reliability of each batch of products.

In order to lay a solid foundation, we will continue to increase investment in technology research and development and innovation. We will continue to introduce advanced equipment and technology to explore new product development approaches and production processes. At the same time, we will strengthen staff training and improve the technical ability and comprehensive quality of employees to better adapt to market challenges and changes.

Steady development is our business philosophy and our core values in the past years. We firmly believe that the sustainable development of enterprises can not be separated from stable quality, low price and good after-sales service. Therefore, we will continue to be customer-oriented and strive to provide customers with cost-effective products to ensure that customers have no worries when choosing our products. We focus on communication and cooperation with customers, listen to customers' opinions and suggestions, and continuously improve our products and services to better meet customer needs.

As a chemical company, we understand the importance of environmental protection. In the new year, we will continue to actively promote the development of green chemical industry, strengthen environmental management, and reduce the impact on the environment. We will actively promote clean production technology, improve resource utilization efficiency, reduce emissions, and make our own contribution to building a beautiful China.

In the new year, Jiangchuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd. will, as always, adhere to the concept of steady development, develop together with the majority of partners, create brilliant. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, we will be able to make greater breakthroughs and progress.

Finally, we sincerely wish you all good health, smooth work and happy family in the new year! Thank you all!

Chongqing Jiangchuan Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd.

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