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What are the requirements and precautions for the use of chemical reagents


Chemical reagents in the laboratory generally only store solid and liquid reagents, and gas substances are prepared temporarily when needed for use. Do not directly hold or use any chemical reagents by hand. You cannot directly ask about the smell, let alone try the taste. When opening the reagent bottle stopper or cap, place it upside down on the table and immediately cover the stopper or cap after taking the reagent. Or the reagent may be contaminated or deteriorated and cannot be used.
Solid reagent usage:
1. For powdered or granular reagents, use a medicine spoon. For larger bottle sizes, larger medicine spoons can be used.
2. Small spoons can be used for small dosage or container sizes. Try to send the reagents to the bottom of the container as powder like reagents are prone to scattering or getting stuck on the container mouth and wall. Alternatively, the reagent can be poured onto a folded slot shaped paper strip, and the container can be placed flat. The slot paper extends along the container wall into the bottom, and the container can be gently shaken by raising it vertically.
3. When using tweezers to feed blocky solids into the container, it is necessary to tilt the container and slide it slowly along the wall into the bottom of the container.
4. The tweezers or medicine spoons that have been used with reagents must be wiped clean and cannot be used multiple times. After use, they should also be wiped clean without leaving any residue.
5. When weighing solid reagents, it is important to avoid taking too many. If you take too many reagents, do not pour them back into the original bottle. Reagents that have come into contact with the air may be contaminated, and returning them can easily contaminate the reagents in the bottle.
6. Solid reagents can be weighed on clean paper or flat utensils. Solid reagents that are corrosive, strongly oxidizing, or easily deliquescent cannot be weighed on paper, but should be weighed in glass containers,
If there is no specified dose in the experiment, it is advisable to take the test dose that can just cover the bottom of the test tube.
8. When weighing toxic reagents, protective measures such as wearing masks, gloves, etc. need to be taken.
Precautions for the use of liquid reagents:
When using a small amount of liquid reagent, a rubber tipped dropper can be used to absorb it, and a larger amount can be poured.
2. Take liquid reagents from the dropper bottle, and the dropper must not extend into the container used to prevent the contactor wall from contaminating the reagent. When taking a small amount of liquid reagents, a dedicated dropper is required. The dropper containing the reagent should not be placed horizontally or diagonally upwards to prevent liquid from dripping into the dropper, corroding the rubber cap, and being contaminated when taking the reagent again.
3. When pouring liquid from a fine-mouth bottle into the container, place the labeled side of the reagent bottle in my palm and the other hand to tilt the container so that the bottle mouth comes into contact with the container mouth. Gradually tilt the reagent bottle and pour out the reagent. Reagents should flow into the container along the wall of the container, or liquid reagents should be drained into thin or flat bottomed containers along a clean glass rod. The required dosage should be taken out, and the reagent bottle should be gradually erected to prevent liquid reagents from distilling along the outer wall of the reagent bottle.
4. If there is a specified dosage in the experiment, select a doser, burette, or pipette according to the requirements. Excessive reagents should not be returned to the original bottle, nor should they be discarded arbitrarily. Instead, they should be poured into the designated container.
5. The use of toxic reagents requires guidance from the teacher or strict adherence to regulations.

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