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China has become the largest country in thermosetting powder coatings


Since 2004, China's powder coating industry has continued to maintain rapid development. After 2003, the powder coating production ranked first in the world, making this "global number one" hat more firmly worn.
The powder coating and coating industry in China has developed with the rise of the domestic home appliance industry since the reform and opening up. After more than 20 years of development, it has made significant progress from scratch and from small to large. The development speed of the powder coating industry has accelerated over the past year, far exceeding the average development speed of the national coating industry. In 2003, China's paint production exceeded 2 million tons for the first time, an increase of 11%; In 2003, the production of thermosetting powder coatings in China reached 340000 tons, an increase of 25%, which is more than twice the growth rate of the national coating production; In 2004, the production of thermosetting powder coatings reached 410000 tons, with an annual growth rate of 20%. China has become a veritable producer of powder coatings.
Since the reform and opening up, from raw material production, milling equipment, milling technology to powder coating equipment and construction applications, a large number of enterprises have greatly improved the production technology and product quality of powder coatings through research, introduction of foreign technologies, and further digestion and absorption. The raw materials for powder coatings are basically domestically produced, and specialized epoxy resin and polyester resin production units have been put into operation, continuously improving the quality; The localization of pure polyester curing agents (TGIC, T105) and extinction curing agents has greatly reduced the cost of powder coatings; The quality of leveling agents and additives has also been greatly improved, promoting the development of powder coatings in China. The pulverizing equipment has basically met the needs of domestic powder coating production, from the initial single screw machine to the current twin screw and multi screw extruders, from lower screw speed levels to higher speed levels, and from universal pulverizers to ACM mills; The powder spraying equipment has met the requirements of powder construction, forming a group of professional manufacturers of powder electrostatic spraying equipment. From the initial introduction of all foreign coating assembly lines to the current localization of spraying production lines, it has laid the foundation for the rapid development of powder coatings.
At present, from the perspective of regional distribution, China's powder coating industry is mainly distributed in the the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, which account for about 80% of the country's powder coating output; Next is the Beijing Tianjin region, accounting for about 10%; Other regions in the country only account for about 10%. This distribution is basically consistent with the distribution of epoxy resin enterprises in China, such as the leading domestic enterprises Blue Star New Materials Wuxi Resin Factory and Dow Chemical Production Base in the Yangtze River Delta region.
Powder coating is a formula material obtained by using resin as the base material, combined with curing agents, pigments, fillers, and other raw materials. It is coated on the surface of the substrate through electrostatic spraying or other methods, giving the coated metal substrate a good appearance and durability. Therefore, the field of powder coating and coating technology is very wide. The base materials of powder coatings are mainly thermosetting resins (such as epoxy and polyester resins) and thermoplastic resins (such as PVC and nylon 11). Thermosetting powder coatings are mainly epoxy polyester mixed type, pure polyester type, and pure epoxy type. China's powder coatings are mainly thermosetting, while the production of thermoplastic powder coatings is very small, mainly PVC powder. According to the industry data statistics of the Coating and Painting Professional Committee in 2003, the production of thermoplastic powder coatings was only 9000 tons. The use of thermosetting resin as the main material and epoxy resin as the main base material is an important feature of China's powder coating industry.


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