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The reason why epoxy resin floor paint is commonly used by construction teams is because of it!


Epoxy resin floor paint not only can prevent dust and moisture, but also has strong adhesion, flexibility, impact resistance, and good wear resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in the ground coating of factories such as electronic factories, mechanical manufacturing factories, hardware factories, pharmaceutical factories, and automobile manufacturing factories, and provides excellent performance for the production of various enterprises. Epoxy resin refers to organic polymer compounds with two or more epoxy groups in their molecules, and their relative molecular weight is not high, except for a few.
Epoxy resin has a certain degree of thermoplastic properties, which require reaction with curing agents or fatty acids to cross-link into large molecules with a network structure, transitioning from its own thermoplastic properties to thermosetting properties, thus exhibiting various excellent properties. The application of epoxy resin floor paint adopts a one-time coating process, which can be formed as a whole no matter how large the construction area is, and there will be no problem with connection joints.
From the perspective of type, epoxy resin floor coatings can be divided into two categories: solvent based epoxy resin floor coatings and solvent free epoxy resin floor coatings. Both can be used for ground coating in industrial workshops, and their main components are epoxy resin and curing agents. So what are the differences in performance between these two epoxy resin floor coatings?
The characteristics of solvent based epoxy resin flooring are wear resistance, heavy pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, bright and flat surface, easy to clean, and can be applied to various mechanical workshop floor coatings.
The biggest feature of solvent based epoxy resin floor paint is its good anti slip performance, which can meet the requirements that ordinary concrete floors cannot meet. After construction, the ground is not easy to deposit dust.
Because solvent based epoxy resin coatings contain a large amount of organic solvents, they are prone to volatilization and produce irritating odors, which can cause certain harm to the body of construction personnel. The solvent-free epoxy resin floor paint belongs to the category of highly clean floor materials. In addition to meeting the floor requirements of general workshop buildings, it is also a floor paint with excellent decorative effects.
Compared to solvent based epoxy resin floor paint, solvent free epoxy resin floor paint does not have organic solvent volatilization and is not a flammable substance. Its VOC content is low, and it will not release harmful substances to the environment and human body during the construction process. It is a new type of environmentally friendly product. Solvent free epoxy resin floor paint can generate strong adhesion with the base layer without delamination or fracture. In addition, solvent-free epoxy resin flooring has good flexibility, strong hardness, can withstand the heavy pressure of large mechanical equipment or heavy objects, is not easy to be scratched by sharp objects, and has a relatively long service life.
The most important point is that the coverage of solvent free epoxy resin floor paint is also better than that of solvent based epoxy resin floor paint. When applying solvent based epoxy resin floor paint, it usually requires two coats, one trowel and one roller coating. The solvent-free epoxy resin flooring construction only requires a trowel to scrape, with good self-leveling properties of the coating, thick film formation, and a smooth and smooth surface. However, both have the weakness of being sensitive to water.
The performance requirements for floor coatings vary among different industries, resulting in different types of floor coatings used in construction. Select a suitable epoxy resin floor paint based on the actual floor coating requirements, in order to better ensure the service life and practical value of the epoxy resin floor.

Good self-leveling performance of coatings

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